QuikTek Computer

Serving Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe and the Valley since 1998

QuikTek Computer offers several support options in order to provide the most convenient solution for your computer repair. We work diligently and efficiently to get your computer running smoothly. Because we understand the inner workings of your computer system, we will rapidly have your computer functioning like a dream.

Computer Support Services

  • In-Shop Computer Repair
  • In-Shop Computer Upgrades
  • On-Site Network Support
  • On-Site Server Support

Remote Computer Support

Some kinds of support can be done remotely. Please Contact Us for instructions and details on remote support.

Affordable Virus/Spyware Removal Services

Experience really counts in virus and spyware removal.  Our experience allows us to clean your system faster and for less money then the competition.  Our $65 cleanup package is one of our most popular products.  Call today if you think your computer is infected.