QuikTek Computer

Serving Phoenix and the Valley since 1998

Virus Removal

Virus and spyware (malware) infections are the most common cause of computer crashes and slowdowns. In nearly every case, our experienced technicians can remove viruses and spyware and preserve your data in the process. Don't spend your weekend trying to clean your computer yourself. The $35 to $65 you spend to have us do it will be money well spent.

Data Recovery

If you accidentally delete an important file we can probably recover it, even if you emptied the recycle bin. If your computer won't boot we can still save your information. Even if a drive seems dead the data can sometimes be saved. Recovery of your data can not be guaranteed, but if the data is valuable to you it is worth a try.


We can build or maintain your website whether it is built in flash or html. We can also assist you with your web marketing efforts.

Laptop Repair

We can fix any problem with any brand of laptop, including Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, Acer, eMachines, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Gateway, and many others. We stock a large inventory of parts, including screens, batteries, keyboards, hard drives and AC Adapters. Whether it's a notebook, netbook or tablet we can fix it.

Desktop Repair

Whether you are a gamer or a casual user, we can make sure your desktop is at the top of its game. Top quality motherboards, CPU's, memory, power supplies and drives are in stock. Plus monitors, speakers, mice and keyboards to enrich your computing experience.

Networking & Network Repair

Wired or wireless, We have certified technicians with the experience necessary to install, repair and maintain networks of all sizes. Networking needs are differ and we can provide assistance in determining yours. If you already have the right network in place, we can provide preventative maintenance and security audits to ensure your network is protected from the ever changing threats.

Data Management

Your data is important. Everything we do revolves around that fact. It is crucial that regular backups are performed and those backups become even more important when you plan to have your computer serviced. Unfortunately, computer repairs are not usually a planned event, but rest assured, we treat your data as if it were our own. If you’re unsure about your last backup, ask us about the many backup services we offer.

Database Services

We have experienced database programmers on staff to help you with custom applications or data mining.  Grow your business by working smarter.